Saturday, October 1, 2016

Putin as pied piper, and the new Russian stroll down the dark mountain

An amoral comment made as a citizen.

The U.S. was not always the “Great Satan” to fundamentalist Islam. We began our earning of the term long ago when we reduced the British Empire to our ethnarchy, and directly, when that ethnarchy created a European State in the middle east, centered on the second most holy city to Muslims, in 1947.
There was once a folk known as Russians. They invaded a country known as Afghanistan. One of their military behaviors was to drop booby trapped toys & candy from the air on rebel villages.


Al-Qaida, the Taliban formed to fight the Russians. Russia's southern border is primarily Muslim. Russians have essentially been killing Muslims, torturing Muslims, etc. off &amp on; since the 14th Century.


The Russians and their local ethnarchy are currently destroying without apparently any semblance of that American concept of “rules of engagement,” one of the oldest cities in the world.

The Memory Gospel

The man who lead the 12th century recovery of Jerusalem from the Crusader Kingdom, Saladin, was actually a Kurd, born while his parents were traveling, in the very city Saddam Hussein was later born. For those of you who are American, lets just say Saladin to many young Arab boys, is a combination of Davy Crockett, George Washington, and the latest sports hero.
The shared birthplace was used in Saddam's cult of personality PR.

Simply put, the Russians have a Muslim body count, of innocents,  Dead and maimed children. That body count will probably never, I hope, be beaten by us. Outsize of our short attention span theater, this is remembered.

Yes, Mr. Putin, lead your civilian population down the dark mountain of terrorism strikes to your  Motherland.

President Obama? Right now, in the amoral real politick world, do nothing.
The boots on the ground will randomly appear in Russia, and they are not our boots….

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