Friday, August 12, 2016

Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine*

Donald Trump with President Ronald Reagan at White House reception in 1987
An interesting piece on Trump presidential race rallies this week.

The other day i was chatting with an acquaintance who is an elected Republican office holder. My mention of Trump elicited a head shake accompanied by nervous laughter. I told him, that his party created The Trump. He chuckles and says nah. I said 36 years of anti-government, anti-immigrant rhetoric and pounding a clutch of divisive social trigger issues? What did you folks think would happen? He looked pained and said, well,....ya, guess so, nervous laugh.

Fuckin right bucko, guess so. Stop saying he is a bastard. Acknowledge your paternity. 

But they were not a single parent. I think the Democrats did their part in the gestation. 36 years spent abandoning their philosophical roots, offering no real rebuttal, becoming the "New Democrats."

*  a link to the album that bears the name that is the title of this post. Being i am posting this link I will fight the urge to link a poem that is having a rebirth of interest via the Trumph phenomena, that being of course Yeat's Second Coming.

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