Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Role of Abdication in a Tainter Symplification

A picnic in the ruins

I just ended my viewing of a live feed from a “town hall meeting” that illustrates, at least in my culture, a micro view opportunity of our current Tainter Symplification.

Public comes to view taxes as something “bad” & government as something to “big”.
Public elects people who talk about that, from the group of people that taught them to think that.

A state government cuts funds for something that happens locally. Local governments  are not amused.

What is interesting in all of this, is what is not discussed:

Reduce state tax cuts and restore funding
Or increase state taxes and restore funding
Or, local governments raise taxes and if necessary politically force the state to restore local powers to do so.

 It is like they cannot even think about those options, which are traditionally, i.e. in the former complexity of a republic, standard.  Perhaps that is, in my culture, a feature of the simplification process. A certain helplessness in the face of the simplification as it rolls downward?

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